M.M. of Somerville, MA

"I was delighted with Michael Limberakis' work restoring an elaborate Victorian-era stained glass window in my house. I especially appreciated that he cleaned, strengthened and rebuilt the window so sensitively that none of its parts look as if they have been replaced, yet the formerly decrepit window is now sparkling, weather-proof and sturdy"

P.G. of Sudbury, MA

"The windows that you designed and created for our house in Sudbury are spectacular. Since the house design we incorporated was based on Frank Lloyd Wright architectural concepts, the "prairie-style" stained glass windows next to our fireplace and the etched glass panels in the master bath were perfect compliments."

G.M. of Chelsea, MA

"Earlier this year, I hired Michael Limberakis to create a stained glass window for an existing transom in my home. He came to measure the transom, we talked, he said he had an idea. I gave him complete creative freedom. Weeks later, I went to see a sketch. OK, I got excited! Then the day of the installation: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my window would be so beautiful! The details, colors, the jewels and workmanship are far superior than what I had expected. It is one of my most prized possessions that I will have forever."

K.A. of Newburyport, MA

"Michael Limberakis is a true artist, able to transform glass into vivid, evocative images that transform the spaces they occupy. Michael listened carefully when we said we wanted to capture the feeling of a sunrise and of a moonlit night in two stained glass windows. He then went about creating pieces that I still stare at in amazement two years later. His artistry is a true focal point of our home. As gifted an artist as Michael is, he has none of the artist's cliche unwieldy ego, and I found him a joy to work with. We got exactly what we wanted. I asked him to sign each of his pieces because I felt he had more than earned that right."